Suburban Oblivion Decoration and Home Maintenance

Kimberlee Green

Kim is a New York designer and the founder of Suburban Oblivion. She has a bachelors in event management which led to a vibrant carreer as a wedding planner. However, 15 years into this career, she realized that the aspect that she truly loved about the planning was the decoration and made the move into the home decor field. She runs multiple businesses in the NY City area focused on the art of decor.

Nicholas Thibodeau

Nic worked in NY as a set designer for over a decade through his business BroadwayPost. He worked on multiple award winning musicals and was the lead designer for many smaller shows. He found that after many years of set design, and many seasons of House Hunters, he had a true interest and talent in the decoration field. He contributes many architecture and design articles.


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