The Future Of Carpets in the Home

by Nic T. with Andy M.

Posted on Feb 2, 2016

Welcome to the second imput of our interview series. Today, we are with Andy from InstaDry in the Villages, FL. He is going to talk with us about what he has learned in his time cleaning carpets and making even the smallest of changes to the simple concepts that are often overlooked. Hello Andy!

Andy: Hello Nic!
N: It is nice to be speaking with you. So the topic of conversation today is how to keep the flooring that we are spending extravagent amounts of money on clean.
A: That is what I am prepared for! See what it comes down to is that with the healing economy right now, people finally have the money they wanted for replacements rather than simple temporary fixes that many people have been using for a while. It is the same idea as new vs used cars.
N: Yes, I think pretty much everyone gets that. So now we have a whole lot of new carpets scattered around your service area. What do you reccomend to these customers to begin the process of preserving this flooring.
A: Well I always start by trying to ensure that they have a high quality vacuum because a cheap vacuum will actually cause more harm than good. A good vacuum will be the very best thing that the consumer can do to protect the long term health of this flooring.
N: I understand that the frequency of how often to vacuum is in question. Some people insist that it is weekly while other insist on vacuuming on a near daily basis!
A: In my experience, 2 times weekly from differrent dirrections will do the most good. It doesn't take more than a month to build a good habit that will increast the life of the flooring pretty nicely.
N: With the old Nylon carpeting and cheaper berber, it used to be a concern that you could melt the top of the carpet by over vaccuuming. Is this no longer a problem?
A: No it isn't. Even the cheapest of modern carpets can take between 15-20 Kelvins more thermal energy before melting. This translates to taking thousands more vaccuumings before damage occurs. The only way you could damage a carpet with a vacuum today is by holding it over the same spot, or by not vacuuming at all!
N: Nice to know and that is probably one of the most important take homes today it seems. Additionally lets talk about dreaded spots.
A: Yes, as most people know, vacuuming will handle the gradual build up of dirt, but realistically other accidents happen. When water of any sort, whether from the humid air, or through a wet dog lying down, it becomes clear that this water will cause a lattice of dirt to form which will be circular in nature and will grow into a spot. Now to take care of those you need to...
N: Hey Andy! Lets save that for our next episode! We would love to follow up with this converstation and cover Spots and stains in much more depth!
A: Ok, that sounds like a plan!
N: Thank you for calling in. So listeners and readers, remember to stay within earshot and bookmark this page! We will have many more tips coming soon!

If you are in need of Carpet Cleaning The Villages then contact InstaDry today!

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